Foodie: R Caffe- Quirky plus good food


I frequent coffee shops a lot. Like unhealthily often.

But, in my defence, I use coffee shops to study and write. Also the free wifi sometimes is a heavenly gift!

In Joburg, my “spots” are Vevo Telo in Parkhurst, Motherland in Rosebank, Velo in Braamfontein and Vidae on Glenhove.

I also frequent the odd coffee shop in Melville and Parkview.

For me a coffee shop needs charm, seriously good coffee and minimal obnoxious people. Or people in general.

On a recent trip to Cape Town, I happened to stay in a quirky art hotel on Long street.

Directly below the hotel was a coffee shop called R Caffe.

It was by far, one of the best and least pretentious coffee shops in this country.

And the food!

Their red velvet cake was something I’ve never tasted in my life! It was flourless and had fresh coconut pieces in the topping.

Their croissants are freshly made with pure butter. I am a croissant snob. Don’t give me a store bought one.

Their latte’s are pretty ordinary but their health (freshly made) juices are incredible.

Again, while I am a foodie, I rarely ever brag about good food.

R Caffe is seriously braggable.

But it was not the food that sold me.

The decor is arty, different yet very practical.

Each wall is a feature wall with a string purple theme.

The only down side is that wifi is not free and service is a little slow. But I hear service is slow everywhere in the Mother City.

Meals are reasonably priced and you get value for money.

If you are in Helen Zille’s Republic, give R Cafe a visit. It is definitely worth it!




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