Review: SA Politics Unspun


If Stephen Grootes attends a press conference, you KNOW it is an important one.

Grootes is by far one of this country’s top political journalist and his views are considered by many.

So when his book: SA Politics Unspun was released, I looked forward to reading it.

Suffice to say, while I don’t always agree with him, he makes a compelling argument.

I was further intrigued when Presidency spokesperson Mac Maharaj tore him to pieces about the book at the official launch.

I finally got down to reading it this week.

And my verdict is that it is the best Dummies Guide to SA politics we have.

It is fast paced in nature and brief. The must knows’ about everything.

Reading Grootes’ book is like reading his political mind.

It is a completely subjective account of the key makers of contemporary politics.

Grootes sheds light on whether he thinks Cyril Ramaphosa will become president or whether Julius Malema is politically finished.

As a political reporter, the information contained in the book was not earth shattering or new to me.

But it is great for people who want a brief, succinct view on the various spheres and individuals that make up the political sphere.

I particularly enjoyed his simplification of the three arms of the state.

You may want to give it a read before you cast your vote too.

SA Politics Unspun by Stephen Grootes is published by Two Dogs and is available at all leading book stores nation wide.

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