Featured: An Nur on SABC 3

The thing about feature interviews, is that it happens so long before it gets aired or published that I actually forget about them. Earlier this year (or was it last year?), the An Nur team contacted me for a feature interview at my place of work. I dreaded the interview because I hate being interviewed while colleagues watch. I tried to push it as early as possible and thankfully, it didn’t go too bad. The feature also includes my friend Hasina Gori from the SABC

The interview was about being a muslim woman in political and investigative journalism. A topic I don’t usually like talking about. I maintain that my faith is personal and my hijab is just a manifestation of my faith. It doesn’t add or take away anything from my day job. It is an extension of who I am.

Before I start ranting, go watch the feature and let me know what you think.

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