A kiss, a wedding and a bad, bad break up



I am so tired of telling people how busy I am. It is actually lame now.

It is like my busy is busy.

But after seeing that sign I promised myself to live a fulfilled life.

I was going to work less and live more.

Then a kissed happened that messed all that up.


A political marraige was announced.

Or basically the political devils where having some fun watching us journalists squirm with exhaustion.

This kiss supposedly changed the South African landscape.

But then it didn’t last very long.

It was a five day long marriage. I mean, I am a commitment phobe but this is on a whole other level.

So it ended. And I still didn’t reclaim my life. Things got realy messy.

And so the messier it got, the deeper I dug.

It was the stuff of teenage pop songs. Love and hate announced just five days from each other.

That coupled with accusations of cheating etc.

And to think I do not do normal things to AVOID this kind of drama.


But despite all the political love you/ hate you’s, 2014 is the year of meaning.

Or whatever that means.

Basically I need to make more time for prayer, family and friends.

Things beyond the menial stuff life has on offer.

And I have to stick to that goal. Mainly because my other goal for 2014 is to become healthy but I simply cannot give up my pizza addiction.

Side note: Best Halaal Pizza is Camminetos in Durban. La Padrino in Greenside. Pannarotis in Lenz- yes. Lenz!

Although a plain old magarita pizza is my old faithful soul mate.

But I digress. Over the weekend I was invited for a family wedding in Springs. A real wedding, that is.


It was a great opportunity to see my family and enjoy a solid Indian meal- such a scarcity in my life.

Okay more than the food, it was heart warming. And then I realized, once again, how much I am missing out on that joy called family.

But it is 2014- the year of change and elections.

No, the year of possibilities and meaning and opportunities and happiness and being able to drive past a pizza place without having to resist the urge to raid it.

It is 2014, comrades and compatriots.




2 thoughts on “A kiss, a wedding and a bad, bad break up

  1. Love it! You’re so damn funny!!! It kills me … Just remember that time is time … Just that! And we make time for the things that are important to us 😉

  2. I found this so appropriate in light of New Year resolutions and the hype behind it. We pursue endeavours that are perhaps worthwhile in terms of worldly success but we forget the bigger picture. We’re all part of something, or someone, acknowleging this only allows us to be grateful for the people that actually make a difference in our other busy lives.

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