Reverse bucket list

Some of my favourite travel writers have started a list called a ‘reverse bucket list’ of awesome and extraordinary things you have done but did not have on your bucket list. There were so many moments in my life where I did something and later said “why was that not on my bucket list?” This list is also some kind of reminder of how grateful I am for the experiences I have lived so far!


– Hike up a mountain to a beautiful market and drink the most delicious fresh melon juice in Darband, Tehran.

I have no words to adequately describe what the evening I spent in Darband meant to me. Tehran is a fascinating place and Darband makes you believe you are in a fairy tale. It is basically an old neighborhood with a hike trail up a mountain with a market on either side of the pathway. The higher you climb the more beautiful it gets. When you get to the top you would be mesmerized by the flowers, the lights of the cafes and restaurants and the sound of fresh flowing water. You might spot a donkey or two. I was handed a glass of the coldest, sweetest and freshest melon juice I have tasted in my entire life by the kindest old man who made me find among his hundreds of flags, the flag of South Africa.


– Roll down a dune in the middle of a scorching UAE desert.
In October, we went on a trip to Ras al Khaimah (Dubai’s less glamorous younger sister) and Dubai. And obviously, when you go to the desert you have to go on a very typically tourist desert safari and
dune bashing experience. It was touristy in all its glory with the camel ride and belly dancers. After an exhilarating ride of dune bashing, I climbed up a dune, sat, thought what I was about to do was a bad idea and then turned to my side and rolled and rolled. I was momentarily blind from the sand but it was truly a joyous experience.


– Use an outdoor shower on La Briz Island, Seychelles.

I blogged about my trip to Seychelles earlier this year and if you read it you would know that it was the ultimate paradise. There were so many amazing things about Seychelles and the incredible resorts I stayed at. The food was extraordinary, I had my own private infinity pool and the ocean was amazing. I went deep sea fishing (a tick on my actual bucket list) and did so many other memorable activities. But, honestly, using an outdoor shower on the deck of my private villa with my private pool, pavilion and hammock alongside me set in a beautiful garden with palm trees arranged so neatly and my private slice of the Indian Ocean peaking at me was mind blowing. I don’t know why it was never on my bucket list!


– Eat freshly caught braaied fish on Goree Island.

If you know me, you would know that my trip to Goree Island and Dakar Senegal was life changing in an unexplained way. I took a boat from the port of Dakar to Goree island with a friend I had met at the hotel I stayed at and hundreds of school kids on school holiday. The boat was rickety but the sounds of laughter of the children literally hanging onto the boat forced me to enjoy the trip. On arrival I was starving and went to the only store on the island for something to eat. I wanted fish and chips. The owner went to the ocean, caught a fish, cleaned it and braaied it write before me!


– Explore the ruins of old forts in Muscat, Oman.
It was hot as hell. Like I felt like my tights was melting into my skin. We drove for more than two naps from the resort I stayed at in Oman to spend the day exploring all the forts. I climbed and climbed and huffed and puffed. It was the day I realised how unfit I am. Regardless, the hours I spent in the nooks and crannies of those majestic forts made me appreciate the history of Islam and understand Arab culture so much more.

The idea of a reverse bucket list is to appreciate things that you never planned on doing but made you feel truly happy. Everyone has a bucket list ranging from seeing the Eiffel Tower to seeing the Taj Mahal. This allows you to be grateful for the little things. The things you never planed to do.

What is on your reverse bucket list?

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