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Thought Council on PowerFM

Do you know I don’t know the names of any character in Simba besides… uhm Simba?

Do you know I never watched cartoons as a child and so I don’t know how Alice in Wonderland ends?
Yes I had an ordinary childhood, but while my friends watched cartoons, I acted like a radio presenter as I spoke in a hairbrush micĀ in front of a mirror for hours. Like I said, it was an ordinary childhood.
Radio has been my life long dream and I had the opportunity for almost two years when I started my career.
Ive moved on since but I would be lying if I said I don’t try and mimic Xolani Gwala every now and then.
But I digress! I was invited by the lovely people on Power FM to participate in their Thought Council discussion.
I love Power FM and the vibrancy of an alternate voice they bring to the air waves so I agreed to participate.
Despite being a little under the weather, it was a lovely hour talking politics etc etc!
I learnt a very important lessons listening to the Podcast of the segment: I suck at radio!
But its okay. In a parallel universe I will host an afternoon drive time show. One day. Possibly. Hopefully.
If you want to listen to the Podcast click on the link below. Please. Thank you. It is a pleasure. Bless you.

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