Diary of a Guji Girl: It is time to move on

This month marks exactly two years since I completed the manuscript for my debut novel, Diary of a Guji Girl.

A lot has happened since the “guji girl days” for me personally but more so for the world we live in.

If I wrote about my character Amina now, her life would be a lot different than it was in 2013 and 2014.

We now live stream every part of our lives on Snapchat, we spend people’s salary worth on makeup and red velvet cake is very yesterday. Food has become pop-up and artisan.

The life of the typical privileged Muslim South African girl has morphed only to become more glaringly ostentatious.

Life now has become about the plenty with flagrant gloating becoming the new black.

Guji Girl has had tremendous support from those days of typo-ridden post in 2013 up until now, when people still talk to me about Amina and Moe as if those fictitious characters are friends of mine.

But as I have written and said before, I grew as a writer since the days of writing Diary of a Guji Girl and learnt a lot of lessons since.

But in the process, it took a lot from me. The levels of cyber bulling I experienced while writing Diary of a Guji Girl forced me to relinquish my love for writing serial fiction.

It was not worth the nit-picking, the insults and the judgment from people who believe my characters are a reflection of my true life.

After spending a few months criss-crossing the country promoting Diary of a Guji Girl and reaching goals set out for the book, I decided to leave that era behind me.

There was/ is something about Diary of a Guji Girl that made me insecure. I have been caught between proud to have had a book published at 20 years old and being wary about the quality of the writing I put out to the world.

I read debut novels by Muslim female authors who wrote a similar genre to Diary of a Guji Girl and felt extremely inadequate.

But then I would meet a group of girls who would be ecstatic about reading the novel.

I have since promised myself to learn from my experience, to become a better writer and a better story teller.

My journalism has improved drastically since those 2013 days and my fictional writing has been a work in progress.

I have big dreams to write fictional stories that would both educate and entertain the world in a way only big authors can.

I want to enthrall the world and make a difference while I am at it. My journey of fictional writing moves on.

But before I start my next project, I wanted to offer my loyal readers who have not purchased Diary of a Guji Girl the chance to get a copy from the last few books our publishers have.

If you want to purchase a copy send me an email to

Also, if you are part of an Islamic library/ school library and you want a copy of Diary of a Guji Girl, drop me a mail and we will try to send a copy to you.



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  1. hi/slmz i am a big fan of diary of a guji girl and i really liked your book everytime i read your book i wished that i could meet you because i think that you are Amina if that is correct so if you read this please reply back to me i would be really happy

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