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Post election postmortem: Power FM & 702 interviews


I planned to go AWOL after the 2016 local government election results were declared on Saturday evening, to binge watch series and avoid the world. It was an exhilarating yet exhausting elections and it is important to rest a bit before getting back to the news grind. Reality struck when the election fever did not end at the declaration of the results.

There is now a focus on coalition in four of the eight metros in South Africa because no political party received the majority. This has been unprecedented in post apartheid South Africa. Political parties are now trying in earnest to form coalition agreements in an effort to put together governments in ‘hung’ municipalities. This happens while the ANC reels from a massive dip in support this election. On Monday, Power FM invited me to talk about the major issues coming out of the elections with coalitions and the dip in the ANC support dominating the conversation.

You can listen to my interview with Lerato Mbele here:

The declaration of the election results was overshadowed by a silent protest over rape while President Jacob Zuma delivered a speech at the IEC’s results centre on Saturday evening. Four women carrying posters remembering the woman who accused Zuma of rape 10 years ago caused a massive stir and the response to their protest has been varying. Three female cabinet ministers responded angrily to the protests while Zuma addressed the crowd demanding the defence minister do something about the protesters. The women were later forcibly removed causing major controversy. You can read my story HERE. On Monday afternoon, Xolani Gwala from 702 interviewed me about my story and what I witnessed on Saturday evening. You can listen to the interview below.



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