Awethu Art- better blogging: My presentation

Naeema from Awethu Art contacted me to do a presentation on how to monetize a blog based on my experiences with Diary of a Guji Girl. Awethu Art is a cool arty/writers collective started by Aslam Bulbulia and this was the second blogging event held at Industry Bakery in Greenside. The event brought a number of various types of bloggers together and was as fun as it was informative. I focused on the money side of blogging while there were awesome presentations on better writing, layout and photography. The event actually inspired me to get back to more regular blogging which I miss dearly. Damn this adult life. The core focus of my presentation was explaining the chain of good, regular posts leads to more readers which lead to more hits which attract brands and businesses.

Here is a look at the presentation I made. If you have monetised your blog, feel free to comment on how you went about doing it. Slide1









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