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I always have to remind myself to write about my experience after trying out new things in and around Jo’burg but I often forget once I am on to something new.I started this year with a resolution to have as many new and contrasting experiences in this city I now call home. It is really not about being a social butterfly but quite the opposite- to have new and interesting outings.While stuff like free falling in a township or going on walking tours are fun, sometimes I want an outing that is less dramatic or effortful.

So I am back to sharing some of the cool stuff I encounter or experience on my days off- hopefully to get at least one person to get out of their rut and try something new.Sometimes there are awesome things to do right under your nose but you don’t know about it and so that’s why I am committed to sharing some of the cooler things I experience.Most of all, this is just me being #ProudlyJozi. (Cheesy much?)

27 Boxes

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Melville and hipsters go together like peanut butter and jam. A natural fit. But with the hipster population increasing and it becoming more mainstream than mainstream, there was a huge demand for more places for young Joburgers to hang out. Neighbourgoods Market still has its appeal but I find it to rowdy these days, Maboneng in the inner city is also cool and most recently the Sheds @ 1 Fox. Those are all crafters markets but there was really no new trendy and permanent place for young creatives to make a name for themselves and for people to hang out. That’s until the trendy 27 Boxes mall opened this week in Melville- where an entire shopping complex has been built using shipping containers. I kid you not. The design is cutting edge and cool. Also, the developers didn’t try too hard.

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I love that young creatives have a permanent place to show case their work and make a buck of five. Also, the variety is appealing too. You can get vegan food, Indian food or even African cuisine. While the food is mostly affordable, a lot of the stores price their goods well beyond what an average up-and-coming twenty something year old can afford. Yes, some of the stuff are hand crafted and by no means do I want to cheapen art- but for entrepreneurs to succeed, there has to be affordability. Besides this, 27 Boxes offers a new arena and vibe to hang out over the weekend. And with hipster being the new mainstream, I am certain that this place will be flocked by the masses every other weekend.

Find out more here.

Ice Age exhibition

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Jo’burg has had an incredible influx of really cool exhibitions recently and the Ice Age exhibition has been the latest.

I took along my eight year old nephew who was fascinated to silence. The exhibition features life size animal from the ‘ice age’, and is interactive in that some of the animals from the movie, move and make noises. The organisers spent a great deal of time paying attention to details and ambiance which- if you are as bang broek (scary cat) as I am – will find a little creepy. I swear the polar bear made eye contact with me!

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The snow tunnel was incredibly awesome and even though it was at -5 degrees, we had to attempt to build a snow man. It was a flop but we had tons of fun. The awesome thing about the exhibition is that it offers other entertainment including rides and general activities for kids. My nephew had a blast colouring a dinosaur or some other creepy creature, playing in the sandpit and going on the rides. He had crazy fun on the snow slide too. The Ice Age exhibition is on until August and costs R145 for adults and R90 for kids. A little bummer is that you have to pay for activities separately. Nonetheless, kids will enjoy it.

Find out more here.
#JoziComedy @ Fire & Ice

I am a huge fan of local comedy! And not just Trevor Noah. South Africans are really funny people and the way we can take the mickey of serious situations is absolutely hilarious. Also, we have some really funny guys in this business. And I love supporting local! There are many local comedy events that happen across the city and I have attended several, but I felt quite at home at the #JoziComedy @ Fire & Ice hotel in Melrose Arch.

Firstly, it works for people who don’t go to bars or casinos for entertainment. The atmosphere is relaxed and chilled out- which is what comedy supposed to be. There won’t be a drunken brawl afterward! The line up for the show I attended was blazing! The MC, Mpho Pops Modikoane was on fire! While there were a lot of race based jokes, most of the content delivered was fresh and genuinely funny. For R100 a person, I think its worth it- considering the amount of laughs you get out of it (look at my Indianess).
Let’s hope I can keep this up. And let me know of any interesting things you come across in the city!
Let the Jozi love reign!

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