To new beginnings


It’s 2014!

I am sure you didn’t need me to tell you, but indulge me for a moment.
Over the last hear I wrote everyday, everywhere and all the time.
From my political (somewhat) expose’s to a typo filled fictional blog.
I am mostly an accidental writer. I never aspired to be a great one growing up mainly because my hand writing quite resembles the movements of a drunk mosquito.
But I wrote and I fell in love with writing.
So as part of my resolutions for the year ahead, is the creation of a centralized portfolio of the stuff I write- hence this site.
This will be a conglomeration of the blog posts, columns, attempt at fiction and the best lead stories I write.
Obviously, I do not have the patience to upload every single story that gets published in The New Age newspaper daily but I will try to pick the best. will be a culmination of my various online and media personalities.
And I use ‘online personalities’ quite deliberately because I tend to shy away from exposing my true personality from the web-sphere.
I still can’t decide whether it is because I prefer privacy or whether I am afraid someone may report me to an asylum.
Regardless, I am happy about this venture and I will try my best not to have Autocorrect mess up my posts.
I will also use this blog to create balance in my life which is so desperately needed.
I would appreciate the feedback even if it is raging criticism.

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