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Featured: Interview on Kaya FM

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On Tuesday, June 2, I was invited to join in on the conversation on Kaya FM’s flagship evening show Today with John Perlman.

John is a legend in the radio world and it was absolutely fantastic sitting with him in studio and discussing the top news stories.

You can have a listen to the interview here:
Qaanitah Hunter on the Today Show with John Perlman

I found it quite fascinating that listeners kept bringing up the topic of President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead and the controversy surrounding it.

Which really breaks down the argument of Zuma and ANC leaders that the Nkandla issue is overplayed by the media.

We were discussing other issues such as the National Prosecuting Authority etc, but listeners kept bringing it up.

Overall, it was wonderful being back on radio- my first love.

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