Review: Best White

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Book: Best White
Author: Rebecca Davis
Genre: Memoir
Published by: Pan Macmillan

There is this thing about writing memoirs: you either get it or you don’t.

Rebecca Davis gets it. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that she studied at Oxford University and can make (seemingly drunken) musings about Goldilocks appear poetic.

In her book Best White, Rebecca shares her thoughts and opinions on topic ranging from Cyril Ramaphosa’s love for expensive animals to botox and online dating.

Her memoir is not extraordinary. She does not find a cure for ebola.

But it is stomach hurting funny and very thought provoking. Even if that means you thinking about what a loose girl Goldilocks was to enter a strangers house, try out their food and then even get into a strangers bed!

I read Best White in one sitting filled with loud-disturb-your-neighbour kind of laughter and many, many WTH moments.

I am an avid reader of her work generally- I look out for her stuff in the Daily Maverick and her TV column in the Sunday Times.

Many people can write, but it is sheer talent to be able to so uniquely craft your views and opinions with that much of hilarity and at the same time make poignant observations.

Also, while Rebecca is a great writer, she is definitely not one of those commentator snobs we have come accustomed to reading in South African media who insert insanely big words across their op-ed pieces in the hope that it will strengthen a real weak argument.

Her humour is also genuine. Not the kind that pulls you by your ears and forces you to let out a giggle. (Although, if someone pulled me by the ears it would not be a laughing matter.)

I rolled over with laughter when she claimed that the only reason why she chose to become a journalist was because she didn’t want to iron work clothes (I can totally relate).

Best White is a fun read. Don’t expect to be motivated to change the world or anything. But anticipate a very convincing argument on why you should wash your fruit before you eat it.

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